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It's all about the books.

On 11 March 2015, Eileen published her 2nd FREE eBook: Family Matters: Addictions, OCD and Suicide

On 7 July 2005, in response to her first of eight trips to both sides of The Wall in Israel Palestine, Eileen Fleming established WeAreWideAwake; which was archived on 4 April 2014.

This site was established for Eileen's run for US HOUSE in 2012.

In January 2014, she became the first non-Arab on staff at The Arab Daily News.

Eileen's fifth book
The Vanunu Legend was published on 24 September 2014 as a Public Service and a FREE Electronic Download at Smashwords

Eileen's sixth book, Getting Older Yet Better: PILATES, Gentle Yin and Yoga Nidra is offered here as a Public Service.

On 26 October 2014, Eileen was certified as a Facilitator of Yoga Nidra by The Amrit Yoga Institute

In her role as Health Reporter for The Arab Daily News her first report can be read HERE

REVIEW of Beyond Nuclear: Mordechai Vanunu's Freedom of Speech Trial and My Life as a Muckraker

By Mark John Maguire

Eileen Fleming's book Beyond Nuclear: Mordechai Vanunu's Freedom of Speech Trial and My Life as a Muckraker is a fascinating insight into the life and mind of an activist pursuing a moral crusade against the might of a nation - in this case Israel.

It also provides a journal of such an individual's experiences in the complex and protracted struggle of the Middle East. Her journey of faith and belief in support of the Palestinian cause - and in particular that of Vanunu Mordechai, the Israeli dissident who served 18 years in prison for revealing Israel's illegal nuclear programme - has been a remarkable one: she clearly believes she has a purpose and that she is guided by a higher will and perhaps this is the secret to the huge radical energy she exudes.

Her book is an expression of that energy and of the uncompromising commitment she shares with Vanunu in attempting to right the injustices she sees in the daily lives of Palestinians.

Her conflict, which is charted in the book - and to a lesser extent Vanunu's - has been the wider Palestinian problem and the human rights abuses of the Israeli State.


Book Reviews of Beyond Nuclear

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